To Those Who Will Listen

So, as if keeping up with my personal blog wasn’t enough, I decided (after some prodding from some of my Twitter followers), to start my Rangers blog.  I certainly don’t consider myself an expert, but I do love to research and watch them, so I feel like there may be a few people who might find this interesting….even if it’s just my husband and mom.  I am also a photographer, so I hope to share my photos from the games as well.

I can’t bring myself to root for the Cowboys (I threw up in my mouth a little just saying that), and my college football team is Alabama (don’t boo me please), so the Rangers are the only local team I hold dear to my heart.  I have a weird thing for catchers, and I may have shed a tear or two when Mike Napoli left – and Boston is now my closet team (shhh, don’t tell anyone). I say my favorite player is AJP, (it’s the catcher thing), but realistically it has to be Leonys Martin, because he’s a lefty, he’s the boss at stealing bases (after Ian, of course), and he follows me on Instagram.  I have a record for “killing off” players…..every time I buy a player t-shirt they are immediately traded or their contracts are not renewed.  I have quit buying shirts for players that are headed for free agency to make my contribution to the team.

I can’t assure you everything will be as smart or well-worded as the pros, but I can assure you it will probably make you laugh and sometimes make you question my sanity.


Very nice!

Awww you’re so sweet! Thanks for taking the time to read it! :)

I found your blog. By way of your husband’s FB page! Girl, we need to get together! Catchers are my favorite, and I was so sad when Nap left us. However, I do have to say….AJ…I’m feeling it for him too! Keep writing, us baseball girls have to stick together!

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