The Sentiment of A Fan

**Excuse my lack of posts….a 9-1 record on the road leaves little time to write. Plus, occasionally I have to get out and work.  Also, can I just stop and say that today renewed my love of catchers.  Did you see AJ get tossed? Love it! I think that ump was kind of a jerk to follow him out of the batters’ box, not to mention those questionable balls he called, but I’m sure AJ wasn’t quiet about his feelings.**

Ok, enough of my drooling, seriously.

I’ve tried to figure out how men and women are different when it comes to being a sports fan.  I think about myself, and what I like about sports, baseball in general.  Guys seem to be more about the numbers.  I am not a numbers person by far.  I read a lot (yes, Sports Illustrated weekly – along with ESPN, Yahoo Sports and Sporting News daily), I watch Mike and Mike and I soak up a lot of the information, but I still wouldn’t say I’m a numbers person.  I can tell you how many RBIs someone has, and how good their average is with RISP, but they aren’t what makes me like one player versus another one. I like the stories. 

Example: I like Leonys Martin, this we all know.  Yes, he’s great at the bunt (which I still sort of despise), has a power throw to home from centerfield and is a menace to catchers with a slow throw to second.  But, I like the backstories.  Did you know his mom named him after Lionel Ritchie? Did you know he left his family and girlfriend (now his wife) to chase his dream in a new country? Stories like that are what matter to me. These stories are what make these people…..well, people.  People like you and me, just with cooler jobs.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, by my husband works in country radio so I’ve had the chance to meet, and sometimes, become friends with singers and their wives/husbands.  They are people who make bad judgments and mistakes.

Nelson Cruz….the thorn in the Rangers side right now.  Look, I miss Nellie as much as the next person.  BUT, I believe in paying for the crime you commit, so if he did it, he deserves to be sitting at home as much as anyone.  The sensitive side of my brain almost feels for him though, because I know he’s a father and has a family, and while everyone wants to rant he should have stayed and appealed for the team, I think he was a guy trying to do what was best for his family.  I think about what I love the most, and what it would feel like to have it taken away and how I would feel.  Bottom line, it would suck and it would be really hard to know you let SO many people down.

So maybe I’ve come off as a completely cheesy chick…and maybe I am, but I am still completely intense when it comes to the Rangers.  My husband prefers I watch the games at home so that I don’t curse in front of complete strangers and call everyone names when they do something stupid.  Yes, I still boo the tv every time we play the Yankees.  Yes, I still scream when someone lays down a horrible bunt.  Hey, I’ve got to keep my polite, well-mannered Southern girl attitude up somehow.  So I guess my point is, we all have our reasons for being a fan.  Yours may be completely different than mine, and that’s okay.  Yours doesn’t make you better, and mine doesn’t make me worse.  We’re all here for the same reason.  Those guys we cheer on are out there for the same reasons (well, hopefully). So, give ’em a little break next time you want to disown them.



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So well said!! I adore Nelson Cruz, but do agree that he broke the rules and should be punished. I also believe that he is human and makes mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance and I will be ready to welcome him back in October!

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